Learning Communities & Initiatives 

By becoming a member of CBH, your organization receives access to attend our member exclusive learning communities, webinars, events, and access to our peer-to-peer exchange list servs. 

Billing & Operations Learning Community - This learning community meets virtually every other Wednesday. Billing staff among CBH members share tips and compare experiences, while asking questions to the state & Optum. The group also has a virtual list-serv that is a highly functioning and well-used tool to quickly ask peers questions and learn of major changes or issues with the state’s billing system. The list serv reaches over 300 individuals across CBH member organizations and has been a key resource for CBH to advocate when systems changes are needed.

Clinical Practice Learning Community - The CBH Clinical Learning Community is comprised of clinicians representing Outpatient Mental Health Clinics, Substance Use Disorder Treatment, and Children’s Services. The group aims to improve the quality of and access to services through the dissemination of best practices, collective feedback on proposed regulations and legislation that impacts clinical practice, and providing peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

Vocational Rehabilitation Learning Community - This Learning Community promotes professional exchange, technical assistance, and problem resolution to address policy and program issues in the delivery of vocational rehabilitation and supported employment services. This Learning Community is one of the largest member-driven groups at CBH representing providers across Maryland.

Public Policy Committee - The association's Public Policy Committee meets with members biweekly during Maryland's legislative session to offer updates on federal and state developments, gather information on members' needs, and shape CBH's public policy advocacy. 



Provider Network: Maryland Behavioral Health Solutions - In 2018, the Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland partnered with its member organizations to launch Maryland Behavioral Health Solutions, a provider network operating independently from the association. The purpose of the network is to: (1) deliver technology solutions to participating providers to address interoperability and analytics barriers to population health management strategies; (2) ready providers to succeed in a value-based purchasing environment; and (3) engage Maryland payers in a contract with MBHS participating providers that rewards providers who achieve desired performance results. Any member of CBH is eligible to join the network at no cost as a participating provider or as a stockholder



Measurement Based Care Initiative: Greenspace Health - Measurement-based care (MBC) is defined as the routine collection and use of client-reported progress throughout treatment to guide clinical decision-making. MBC is a clinical process, distinct from the simple completion of an assessment tool, that is demonstrated to improve care. In 2020, CBH launched a workgroup to support the adoption of measurement-based care among its member organizations. Today, 20 member organizations participate in the project, with over 680 enrolled clinicians and reaching 27,000 clients. By aligning providers to use the same outcome measures, CBH’s MBC implementation work group has demonstrably moved the needle in measuring, reporting and improving the quality of care for Maryland residents.